Final networked learning Post

This semester was unlike any other, and honestly it was one of the most fun but also one of the most difficult I have endured. I fell behind, too much I care to admit but I did, I eventually was able to but I learned alot more in this course than I have in others.

For example: I semi-learned how to code and that is something I never would have done or even tried if not for this course.

I learned different sentences, words, the alphabet and how to count properly In sign language. I know I did not learn the full language but in my opinion it is virtually impossible to learn a complete language in seven weeks. Learning about A.S.L, and the deaf and heard of hearing culture is something I will never forget and plan to continue learning about. One thing I did not know until my friend David showed me , who I mentioned in my sixth learning post, is that hearing aids can have bluetooth installed in them as well. During our lunch break if him and I are talking he will tell me he is then going to watch Netflix and can not hear me explaining to me that he can connect his implant to his cell phone. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I learned of the importance on an e-Portfolio and an online image. I had a slight idea of what it could be and look like but I am nothing but happy to now look at my current blog and teacher twitter page to show my growth as well it shows to others who I am and what I am passionate about.

When it comes to commenting on blogs, I know I did not do that enough, there were some that I did comment on but with how busy I was I often forgot to comment. That in itself was also a learning experience. Although i did not comment on a lot of blog posts themselves i was still interested in my peers learning Journey’s

I learned a lot from my peers and professor Katia Hildebrandt in our weekly zoom meetings, and I thoroughly enjoyed our class activities.

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