The adventures Of Learning Sign language PART 2

This week I went searching for answers, I wanted to know more about sign language than just the language itself, as well I wanted to know more about the community.During the continuation of my journey I will not only try my best to learn ASL, I will try my best to learn what I canContinue reading “The adventures Of Learning Sign language PART 2”

What will teaching look like in 2025?

The 21st Century, a time where nearly anything is becoming possible. Is It so crazy to imagine that our traditional ways of teaching in schools will soon be changing in ways we never thought plausible. Will we be teaching remotley like we have been ? Will we be incorperating new ways of technology into moreContinue reading “What will teaching look like in 2025?”

The Adventures of learning sign language

For Years, I have wanted to learn sign language. While getting myself through University, Ive been in the service industry, there were only few times that A deaf or hard of hearing person was my personal customer/guest. Every time I had them I felt as though I had failed as a waitress. I am someoneContinue reading “The Adventures of learning sign language”