Blog post number 3 – resource package

Hello everyone! i recently made a resource package for teachers and parents to better understand what being deaf is like as well as the things we can do to better provide for our students who are deaf and hard of hearing. I hope this is helpful, enjoy!

Teaching digital literacy in the classroom

Increasing our collective digital literacy seems like the best way to combat fake news and the dangers that accompany it. What might it look like to teach about digital literacy in your subject area/grade range? What ties can you make to the curriculum? My minor subject area is  Social Studies. When it comes to digitalContinue reading “Teaching digital literacy in the classroom”

Participatory Culture, what is it?

It is crazy to think of all the videos out there as well as all of the information we have been able to upload since the internet became available. As described by Wesch, the culture of participation has truly taken over. The internet as a whole, specifically social media outlets are huge for having thingsContinue reading “Participatory Culture, what is it?”

The only time digital stalking as considered okay, sort of.

Many of us in this program is fairly young, in our twenties. Meaning we grew up with technology, i mean according to quick google search the first cell phone was made in 1973 by Motorola. Because of this, the start-up of Facebook, Myspace and other social media platforms were so familiar to us, in aContinue reading “The only time digital stalking as considered okay, sort of.”